Commissions are painted from photographs. I ask the client to send, or give me a selection of images of the animal in various stances. These must be as clear as possible. I can advise on what will produce a good, balanced image. The best paintings, I have to say, are of the complete animal rather than just the head. My aim is always to produce a painting that will also have relevance to future owners i.e. personal, familiar and dear to the initial client but also a desirable painting in its own right - like paintings of animals in the past. If a client insists on head only, I shall, of course, oblige.

The price of a commission varies with its size and complexity taking into account number of subjects and type of background. I can, however, give a basic price scale (please see below) on the simplest images i.e. One animal against a dark background as in the paintings above.  

Small            36cms/28cms  (14/11inches)            £450

Medium        46cms/36cms  (18/14inches)           £600

Large            51cms/41cms  (20/16inches)            £800

£200 for each extra animal regardless of size of canvas.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is payable when the commission is undertaken. The remainder is payable upon completion. A photograph will be sent (by email or otherwise) when the work is completed if the client cannot be present in person to view. The painting will then be despatched as per the client's instruction if it cannot be collected. Please note that postage and packaging will be charged separately and are in addition to the commission cost.

All paintings are created with top grade oil paint on finest Belgian linen canvas stretched on wooden stretchers and painted by traditional methods for strength and longevity. For maximum impact I recommend that your painting is framed in a moulding of no less than 8cms (3inches) in width. I would be very happy to advise on appropriate framing. All framing costs are additional and to be met by the client.

Finally, let me say that no photograph, no matter how good, comes anywhere near in weight, strength and beauty of that of an oil painting.


You will never regret it.




Owing to the additional complexity of any other type of commission please contact me, Taisa Pavlovna, on 01295 771158 to discuss your requirements or send me an email with your enquiry via the contact page.

I look forward to hearing from you.